Citations & Permissions Consultations

Basic Permissions Consultation Package ($49)

This is a basic consultation that includes:

  • 30-minute Skype/Google Hangout session or telephone consultation to talk through your particular permissions issue
  • unlimited email follow-up with regard to the issue brought up in the consultation session

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What I can do:

  • get to know your particular permissions issues related to your work
  • help you identify content that is not protected by copyright (that is free to use)
  • navigate fair use guidelines so that you are able to make informed decisions about what to use and whether (or not) to seek permissions
  • help you seek permissions for particular content, if you choose to go that route
  • help you determine when it is necessary to hire a copyright attorney

I also have extensive experience in citation (footnotes/endnotes) and expertise in using Zotero to set up reference libraries. I have a consultation package or you can fill out the form below to contact me for an estimate on larger permissions projects, projects involving attribution, and/or bibliographies.

Disclaimer: I am not a copyright attorney, and I cannot guarantee that my advice will prevent you from being sued for using someone else's copyrighted content.

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Kelly Figueroa-RayI have over seven years of experience working on book and archive projects and navigating the use and attribution of copyrighted material. In addition to working with Jane Friedman (The Business of Being a Writer, forthcoming in 2017), I have also worked with Charles Marsh (author of Strange Glory: A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (2014)) and Vanessa L. Ochs (author of a “biography” of the Passover Haggadah, which will be part of a series of “biographies” of canonical texts to be published by Princeton University Press).

Praise for my work

Jane Friedman, publishing consultant, author educator, and former publisher of Writer's Digest

Kelly was indispensable in her organization and attention to detail with my book project for the University of Chicago. She had a large amount of material to review and manage, lots of sources to research and cite, and was able to tackle it all while needing very little guidance from me. Beyond that, she also compiled chapter abstracts and keywords, and went back through my work multiple times as changes were made. She was invaluable.

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