Teaching Portfolio

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

My teaching reflects my research that is dedicated to close examinations of the intersections of sacred texts and lived religious expressions, both ancient and contemporary, with an emphasis on multicultural and multireligious contexts. As a teacher, my goal is to expose my students to the diversity of religious traditions throughout the world, and to equip them with a variety of approaches that they can use to examine these traditions’ histories, cultures, central texts, theologies and lived expressions. In all formats, I believe my pedagogical strategies give students tools to trouble the assumptions and generalizations they encounter as they explore religious traditions, and help students engage more productively with the diverse world that they inhabit.

Courses, St. Olaf College

Religion 121: Politics in the Bible and the Bible in Politics
Religion 231: Religion at the US-Mexico Border
Religion 232: The Insurgent Multiculturalism of Beloved Community