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Jane Friedman, publishing consultant, author educator, and former publisher of Writer's Digest

Kelly was indispensable in her organization and attention to detail with my book project for the University of Chicago. She had a large amount of material to review and manage, lots of sources to research and cite, and was able to tackle it all while needing very little guidance from me. Beyond that, she also compiled chapter abstracts and keywords, and went back through my work multiple times as changes were made. She was invaluable.

Kelly Figueroa-Ray literary agent and publisher research
Gary Dickson, Author
[Regarding Agent/Publisher ResearchBeing new to fiction writing, I learned that the challenge of the writing itself is one thing, but understanding and navigating the business of writing as it relates to agents and publishers is quite another. Queries, synopses, submission requirements, these constitute the arcane world of the publishing business. My discovery of Kelly Figueroa-Ray was a godsend and probably kept me from making some huge mistakes. Kelly is patient and kind, but most of all professional. She provided me with detailed information as she had promised that was both comprehensible and useful. In addition, she was always on time and followed up on any questions that I had.
Kelly Figueroa-Ray citations and permissions consultations
JoAnne Silvia
[Regarding Citations & Permissions ConsultationsI felt comfortable with Kelly as soon as I heard her voice in our phone consultation. She was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I appreciated the clarification and specific suggestions in her follow up email.
Kelly Figueroa-Ray citations and permissions consultations
Jorge Acevedo
[Regarding Citations & Permissions ConsultationsI am a new author with a finished and edited manuscript. When my editor told me that I had to start writing permission letters for the 72 endnotes I included in my book, I called Kelly for wisdom. Her insight was very helpful and her email accessibility comforting. It's like a heavy weight of concern was lifted off my shoulders after our consultation. Thank you, Kelly!

Kelly Figueroa-Ray literary agent and publisher research
Stephen Foehr, Author
[Regarding Agent/Publisher ResearchKelly was prompt, very well organized, and trustworthy. Her service was an excellent investment in my book project. Saved me time, pinpointed the information I needed, and prepared the submission in a professional manner. I will use her services again.
Kelly Figueroa-Ray citations and permissions consultations
Mark Backus
[Regarding Citations & Permissions ConsultationsI consulted with Ms. Figueroa-Ray on a website concern I had regarding copyright issues. She provided me with accurate information that helped me make decisions that met my need for insight, safety, and respect. I highly recommend her to any who are seeking clarity around copyright matters.

Kelly Figueroa-Ray citations and permissions consultations
Jennifer Gilliland
[Regarding Citations & Permissions ConsultationsKelly was instrumental in helping me research public domain photos and even creating images for my book, Truth. As a first time author, it was a very big deal to have someone on board that knew all the ins and outs of the industry and I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism and timeliness of her work.